Gaming PC Hardware Setup

Gaming PC Build

Today my case for my new gaming computer came in. I already had the motherboard

CPURamPower Supply. and my primary hard drive. Excitement arose as I unboxed the case and put it up on my table. Looking it over I noticed one of the front fan blades had fallen off. First thought great not even used and already broken. I popped it back on and hoped it would work we will find out later.

First, let’s install the power supply, this supply sits on the bottom of the case and has a shield around it for hiding cabling. The power supply is now installed and looks nice as hell.

One at a time I install the motherboard standoffs and move all of the cablings out of the way. I position the motherboard on top of the standoffs. I found the black standoffs were hard to see with the black motherboard, so I tried one and the screw went right in. Nine screws in total and the motherboard is put in to place. Memory put in the correct slots, now time for the CPU. Now that the CPU and heat sink/fan in place it is time to do the wiring.

The mainboard came with a handy plug that the power/reset buttons and the HDD/Power LEDs snapped in allowing one plug to go into the mainboard.

We are ready to fire it up.. Plug up the HDMI from the monitor turn the machine on seeing all the fans spin up, but no display. I check all my plugs still no video. I look over the manual and find it has a set of four LEDs that let me know if there is a problem and sure enough one of the leds was lit. The led was for VGA, what could be wrong with my graphics? It is built into the mainboard.

Frustration as this was going to be a machine to teach one of my students how to install and do the initial setup of Windows 10 as well as dual boot Ubuntu. Then we can install Steam and my other games and my gaming machine will be running…..

After doing some research I find out that the onboard video ONLY works if I had a processor that supported graphics which I don’t. So now I have to buy a graphics card.

Bad week for technology……