Ender Problems

Printer : Ender 3 Pro
Mainboard: BTT SKR-mini-E3

My Ender 3 Pro was working fine with it’s CRTouch. I have a runout sensor I wanted to put on so I plugged it in compiled new firmware (configuration.h & configuration_adv.h below). I used this guide for configuring firmware (https://www.makenprint.uk/3d-printing/3d-firmware-guides/marlin/consolidated-marlin-guide/).

I uploaded it and I get what you see in the video below.

I then went back to the BTT Firmware that is found on this page:

First I used: firmware-ender3-bltouch-for-z-homing.bin
Second I tried: firmware-ender3-bltouch.bin

I made sure the Runout Sensor was unplugged, and still no change. I checked to make sure nothing was plugged in the Z Endstop.

No change, I thought maybe I pinched a wire on the CRTouch, so I ordered a new wire harness and replaced it, no change. I then replaced the CR Touch no change.

The video: