N7 Laser Cutter/CNC Machine

This laser cutter is 100% designed in my head with inspiration from many different cnc builds.


The frame consists of

Four 2040 and four 2020 pieces all 500mm in length.

The machine will be driven by NEMA 24 motors using TB6600 Drivers.

Both X & Y Axis will be running on linear rails using a lead screw system. Altogether there will be five 500mm linear rails.

The two images below show the frame along with the custom feet I made for it. When I am finished I will share all of my STL and put it on Instructables and Thingaverse.


I am struggling with getting my side pieces printed, I finally figured out the issue with my printer (bad V Wheel).

Here is the mock up of the side pieces. The Red one is obviously the one that will hold the motor and sits on the outside of the left side. The blue one will be printed three times and will be used on the inside of the left side, and will create the inside/outside of the right side. They will be bolted together with spacers and both sides attached to a linear rail.

I have plenty of extrusions to finish this project and then to start my DEI Cubetrix printer.


More info coming soon…..