Corona Blog 4/10/2020

Yesterday was a very very long day, I have found that these masks effect my asthma, which I did not expect.

School is hard right now, too much to do not enough time to get things done. Not enough focus either..

I did get off of campus for a little bit today, didn’t go anywhere per se’ just driving fast and having fun. It is a wonderful feeling when I get on the throttle and I feel the entire back end of the truck squat down and take off. I was shocked how many people were still out as if nothing is going on. Then random stores open that shouldn’t be open downtown. Not fair to those who are abiding by the rules.

Two days ago it was in the 70’s was great being outside, yesterday snow, today cold… All I want to do on my day off is have a chance to just go riding in nice weather. Getting muddy and having fun.

Missing friends…. seems I mess everything up….

Today is Good Friday, and it doesn’t feel right, holy week does not feel right. My mind is not there………

Corona Blog 4/9/2020

It has been a while since things have been normal in this world. Fear and panic is still rampant, I am wearing a mask which never thought I would do. My boys at work are stir crazy and need a break, but instead they are losing more and more.

It is maudy Thursday signifying Christ’s last supper. Typically tonight would be love feast at church, but instead it is going to happen virtually. I have mixed emotions about this to be honest. Tomorrow we will celebrate the death on the cross then Sunday the biggest day in the Christian faith the resurrection. It does not feel like Holy Week at all. It is rather depressing,

I won’t get to see my grand babies even during this time. A few days before this all started I wanted them for the night due to fear of state lock down I didn’t get them. I miss them I am angry to be honest. The go cart is ready but won’t be ridden, the back of my four wheeler is empty, the green grass in the big side yard is without kids toiling around.

Slowly reaching my breaking point the point of not caring anymore….