No joy…..

Well today, I plugged in my completed BIAS lighting system in, I had image on the TV so I knew the splitter was working just fine. However, I was getting nothing on the LEDS at all. I checked the voltage levels and had good voltage everywhere. Check continuity from the Arduino to the led light strip and there were no issues. I scratched my head and looked over my wiring again and determined I had the LED data plugged in to the wrong GPIO port on the Arduino. I changed it and viola we had one single light flashing white. The very first light in the chain flashed white nonstop while nothing else did anything.

I went over the settings checked everything several times…. and could not find anything wrong.. The only way to really test the Arduino is to plug directly into it from the computer, which is a bloody nightmare with how everything is setup. So this made me think, why do I need the Arduino anyway? I can control the lights from the raspberry pi, so that is what I will be doing trying to control it from the Pi, and see what we get. The only other thing I can possibly think of is that the Raspberry Pi, is not handling the digital signal input properly.